About Us

Founder, John Stuart

John founded BarnWood Pens LLC in 2017. It combined his personal hobby of pen turning with his desires to preserve classic Americana. We can see this in each pen’s natural patina, including the imperfections that add to the beauty.

Barns built in the late 1800s and early 1900s were constructed using locally available materials. In Southern Indiana, this includes red and white oak, poplar and chestnut  

John prefers to use cross ties because they were in the barn at an angle and were less susceptible to water damage. Siding also works well but must be inspected closely for rot and water damage. We reserve large beams for special projects.


Turning barn wood provides a glimpse into the history of the barn and its bones. As the piece is turned, I get to see the splendor of the wood be it a knot, a worm hole or variation in the grain. Nail holes show the painstaking construction of the building and I can envision the hands that placed them there. We’re losing many of our historic barns and out buildings. I am grateful to be able to preserve a piece of history through my craft.

Custom Work

If you have a special piece of wood from a family barn, heirloom or tree, Barnwood Pens can transform this into a keepsake. Pens can be created using as little as 6″ of 3/4″ x 3/4″ stock. If you’re interested in custom work, please Contact Us.

Our Other Products

In addition to barnwood pens, we can make keychains, corkscrews, wine bottle stoppers, and more. We have access to many different wood species and acrylics that turn into wonderful products. Please Contact Us if you’re interested.